From the studio on the farm

Hey, I'm Kylie

I'm an artist specializing sacred geometry and mandala art, mother of 3 ninja warriors, and wife to my farmer husband (who is also a ninja warrior)

When I'm not attending to the farm or whipping up food for the abs in the kitchen, I get to feed my soul in my studio creating unique art combining the spiritual works of sacred geometry, mandala and my yoga teachings.

I've has something nudging my heart for years telling me to get drawing. I've always been fascinated by sacred geometry and the beauty of mandalas and on my trip to India whilst I was in the middle of training to become a yoga instructor I got to see the joy in carefully drawing mandalas and the sacred meaning they have.

In 2020 I decided to hang up the graphic design tools and dust off my compass so I can call on all my knowledge and connect with spirit to bring you these life change drawings.