sacred art carefully intertwining by hand sacred geometry and the ancient mandala wisdom, each piece is unique to the viewer, raising their vibration, connecting mind, body and spirit. 



I’m Kylie

I love to explore the ancient traditions of sacred geometry, mandala art and hinduism through my drawings and I’m passionate about creating artwork that brings calm and joy to you.

In between mothering my three ninja warrior kids and practicing yoga, you’ll find me in my home studio on the farm with my compass and pen, working on my latest drawing collection.

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Chakra Wall Mural

Kylie has captured the essence of my passion and with love imprinted an impression of what I do in my studio. My students sit in front of the mandala and meditate, it draws their focus inward to start the class. – Radha Thiel

🐾 My new little studio helper! “Sarge” ...

This is what heals my heart!.
Reading the beautiful words from people who want me draw them a mandala.
I’m feeling so grateful for the mandalas that come through me especially for my clients.
It is such a gift to be able to share them with you 🕉🥰

👋 Hey there!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face and I don’t think 🤔 I’ve ever done an intro post and there’s no better time than late on a Friday night! 😂

- I’m Kylie and I love to connect with my heart by drawing art

- My soul purpose is for the person who sees my art to connect with their heart 💜

- I’m a ♐️ Sagittarius

- My side hussle is keeping up with the admin for our family farm (yes I married a farmer!!!)

- We turned our barn into a ninja warrior course which the kids and husband train for competitions (I’m the cheer squad)

- The only plant I can grow is stinging nettles

- We have 3 cats

- BC (before children) I studied to become a yoga teacher but don’t teach classes anymore

- The only thing I’ve won other than a few netball trophies is a 10kg block of Cadbury milk chocolate 😂

- I always put the salt on last

- and YES I follow the curly girl method for those who want to know!!! ➿😂

I’m loving exploring the ancient sacred geometry pattern the Sri Yantra.
Its taken some time to construct this powerful symbol. It’s made up of 9 interlocking triangles, representing the feminine and masculine energies which surround a centre point known as a bindu - the origin of creation.
Still a work in progress

S o u l W h i s p e r s
When your soul whispers - it’s time to listen, if you don’t, those whispers will become louder and louder.
I couldn’t ignore the whispers anymore and decided to get back into my drawing and this beautiful piece was born from those whispers.
If this powerful piece speaks to you like it did me, click the shop button in my bio 🙏🏻✨

Tonight’s super moon just peaking above the scrub line here on the farm!
#supermoonadelaide #moonenergy #crystalhealing #mooncrystalpower #moon #southaustralianartist

I was so excited about my first market stall yesterday that I decided to launch an online shop today 😅 so you can buy high quality prints of my original artwork right now from your comfy lounge!!!

Each print is printed on high quality Hahnemühle Hemp paper and carefully packaged ready to be shipped to you!

Check out the link in my bio for some retail therapy! - I can’t wait to share my beautiful mandalas in your home, office, yoga studio, health and wellness space 🕉

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