sacred art carefully intertwining by hand sacred geometry and the ancient mandala wisdom, each piece is unique to the viewer, raising their vibration, connecting mind, body and spirit. 



I’m Kylie

I love to explore the ancient traditions of sacred geometry, mandala art and hinduism through my drawings and I’m passionate about creating artwork that brings calm and joy to you.

In between mothering my three ninja warrior kids and practicing yoga, you’ll find me in my home studio on the farm with my compass and pen, working on my latest drawing collection.

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Chakra Wall Mural

Kylie has captured the essence of my passion and with love imprinted an impression of what I do in my studio. My students sit in front of the mandala and meditate, it draws their focus inward to start the class. – Radha Thiel

Breathing in some 🌞rays and fresh air with Sarge! 🐶🐾 ...

The gift of ‘OM’ 🕉

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Just a little bit of client love to fill my cup! - and I had so much joy creating a very unique mandala for this young lady!

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S O L D ! 🙌 🥰🥳 when you get an sms from the gallery owner saying your mandala was sold!!! EXCITING!!! ...

Gosh, the earths energies have been seriously crazy the last few days and If you’re an empath like me and seriously sensitive to energy then I know you’ve been feeling it big time - and NO you’re not going mad 🤔🙏🏻

Migraines, tiredness, super loud ringing in my ears, teary and the list goes on!

Just recognising this I’ve been going gently, getting out in nature, sitting on my yoga mat, keeping up with my morning meditation and feeling what my body needs. I’ve also started on a commission piece which has been flowing through me easily and onto the paper!

- SO what have you been feeling this week?

Quiet your mind and stare into this sacred geometry beauty, the Sri Yantra.
This was so much fun to draw and paint and such a stunning symbol to construct.
Made up of 9 interlocking 🔻🔺representing the feminine and masculine energies which surround the centre point 🔴 known as a bindu - the origin of creation.
The energies are surrounded by lotus petals representing fertile life all within the four gates representing the material world.
Sri Yantra is the source of pure energy 🕉 and is on the wall Cathie’s Cafe in Karoonda until the end of August if you want to soak up her vibes!

🐾 My new little studio helper! “Sarge” ...

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