sacred art carefully intertwining by hand sacred geometry and the ancient mandala wisdom, each piece is unique to the viewer, raising their vibration, connecting mind, body and spirit. 



I’m Kylie

I love to explore the ancient traditions of sacred geometry, mandala art and hinduism through my drawings and I’m passionate about creating artwork that brings calm and joy to you.

In between mothering my three ninja warrior kids and practicing yoga, you’ll find me in my home studio on the farm with my compass and pen, working on my latest drawing collection.

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Chakra Wall Mural

Kylie has captured the essence of my passion and with love imprinted an impression of what I do in my studio. My students sit in front of the mandala and meditate, it draws their focus inward to start the class. – Radha Thiel

Holidays are done and I’m back in the studio! I love having big chunks of time that I can really get into the flow. ...

Thank you 2020 for showing me what happens when you finally listen to that little nudge which has been nudging at your heart for a long while.

Thank you to all my family, friends and followers who encourage me every day to keep sharing my art 😘

2020, you will never be forgotten!

Happy New Year to you all 🙏🏻❤️

It warms my heart when I walk into a house and see my art hanging on the wall! ...

42 laps around the sun and I could not be more grateful for this life! 🙏🏻

Being blessed with these 3 determined ninjas who chose me to be their mum (and love decorating cakes 🤪) a very athletic ninja farmer who sits through my favourite movie Love Actually every single year (I know he secretly enjoys it 😍)

💥 and who would’ve thought today would be the biggest day in 200 years in astrology with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius 🪐💫🔥

Bring on 2021 🏹

Good morning Monday! And good morning double shot coffee!!! 🙌 just what I need to bounce into a busy week here! ♐️ ...

All wrapped up ready for its new home 🙏🏻 ...

Cleaning my studio space and getting into the groove today!
I love all the calm, magical vibes I get while working here.

Tell me in one word about your favourite workspace – cozy, quiet, energetic, warm, cold?

“I’ll always be-leaf in you”
- tiny plant on my desk

Ahhh thanks little succulent 💚

Do you keep greenery in your workspace?

Sunday work in progress spam!!! This one will be ready for a new home by the end of today! DM if you’re interested.

Remember that Art chooses you!

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