How to care for your sacred fine art prints

How to care for your sacred fine art prints

When you hold in your hands one of these sacred fine art prints, you’re welcoming a portal of transformation into your life and it carries with it a unique energy charged which speaks to your soul. Every stroke, every line, and every shade has been meticulously crafted with love and care. Your print serves as a mirror of your own soul, Your print is a reflection of your soul and an embodiment of the spiritual journey it represents.

Below, I will guide you on how to care for your sacred art prints so they can continue to speak to your soul for a lifetime.

1. Protection from the Elements:

Your sacred print will arrive in a protective sleeve or gently rolled within an archival sheet. This is not just packaging; it’s a shield against the elements. Keep your print safe in this cocoon until it finds its way into a frame. The sleeve or sheet will guard it against dust and moisture.

2. Handle with Care:

Treat your print with care. If you must handle it, use only the edges, the handling margin. Your touch is sacred, and fingerprints can inadvertently leave their mark on the print. Hold it with two hands to provide ample support and prevent any unintended creases.

3. Dust:

Never use your bare hands to brush away these tiny particles. Doing so can result in micro-scratches on the printed area. Avoid the temptation to blow away dust as well; even your breath carries moisture that can affect the paper.

Instead, consider employing a gentle technique – compressed air. You or your framer can delicately use compressed air to rid your print of dust, preserving its pristine beauty.

4. Mindful Placement:

Never casually place your print face-down on any surface. Doing so can lead to permanent scuff marks that mark the artwork’s inks and spiritual energy.

5. Light and Environment:

Just as our spiritual journeys are enriched by balance and harmony, so too is your print’s life. Avoid exposing it to direct, intense light that could fade its colors over time. Opt for a place where diffused, gentle light can illuminate its beauty without causing harm.

Furthermore, maintain a harmonious environment. Extreme humidity can have adverse effects on the paper, potentially distorting its intricate details. Protect your print by keeping it in a space where the elements are kept in check.

In conclusion, your fine art print is a gateway to the divine, a vessel of spiritual energy. By following these tips for caring for your art prints, you not only preserve their physical beauty but also honour the spiritual essence they carry. Treat your print as you would a sacred object, and it will continue to inspire and transform your world, connecting you to the profound energy woven into every line and symbol. Embrace the journey, nurture the connection, and let your art prints guide you on your path of transformation.

May your sacred portal of transformation vibrate and support you and your space with its profound energy for years to come.

Kylie Martin, Intuitive Artist