Good Hub Mandala Mural

Good Hub Mandala Mural

When the Owner from the Good Hub saw the Mandala on my wall in my home he fell in love and really wanted one at the Good Hub. The Good Hub on Goodwood Road in Adelaide is a collaborative space for complementary health and wellness practitioners. Designed to foster communities of co-workers who are dedicated to the well-being of their clients, themselves, and each other.


The process

I met with Michael to discuss his thoughts and vision for the mandala. Good Hub had recently rebranded so he really wanted to incorporate the new logo into the mandala design and I was able to get his thoughts and vision on the the type of mandala which reflected the values of Good Hub.

A great spot for the mandala was the kitchen! This is a little hub where practitioners gather at lunchtime to nourish with food and to connect and communicate with each other. There is a fireplace with a beautiful blank wall which I thought would be the perfect canvas to bring to life a mandala.

I decided to get out my ipad and pen. I usually don’t plan a mandala in this way, so it was an interesting process for me. Using technology made the design go by quickly and with the new logo element I could easily weave into the design as I went along!

When the design was sent to the client he approved the design and wanted to add in some of the colour elements of the new brand, which was really easy to do on the Ipad. This was a first for me working with multiple colours! But the colour palate was very easy to work with and such lovely colours! – the client approved the design so now to the fun part!!!


When I was looking for my painting supplies, I remember the advice another artist told me years go that if you want to buy the best paints possible then head down to Bunnings. They have sample pots of any colour you want to mix. So off I went on a quest for paint at Bunnings! Out came the colour swatch book and I got to match the colours as close as I could to the brand colours.


I wiped down the freshly painted, blank wall with a damp cloth, just to get it squeaky-clean!

To find the center point I used a tape measure to work out where the center was. I was able to use my projector which sped up the process.  I projected the design I had already done onto the wall and then began tracing the outline onto the wall, which saved me a lot of time!

The Outline

The process of painting a mural is always an interesting one. After drawing the outline with pencil, I cracked open the paint and selected my favourite Spotify album to set me in motion. For this project, however, I attempted something new by putting down some foundational outlines first before adding the colour afterwards; it was almost like working backwards!

The Colour

Adding in the color just brought this beautiful piece together. The palette was rich with pastel colours that compliment each other and it was a dream to work with.

I think it’s important for people to express themselves creatively. For me, mandalas are a spiritual journey; they help me get in touch with my inner self. Here the finished mandala at Good Hub really radiates the values within Good Hub. It vibrates love, nourishment, support, wellness, courage, community, good! It is really rewarding to see the finished product of something that you have created yourself and to feel the energy and vibration this mandala puts out into the room and building is just so rewarding.

Go check out the Good Hub! It’s Good!