Tips on using Zoom to host your virtual meeting

Tips on using Zoom to host your virtual meeting (happy hour, dance off, personal training)

A lot of people are now using Zoom to hold meetings, collaborate with employees and communicate with teachers for online learning. I even had a Zuu lesson and Pilates class via zoom and it was just like the instructor was in the room!

It’s great everyone is still able to connect through this time of isolation. It’s so important to feel connected with others and especially for the kids to see there friends too.

If you aren’t using Zoom, then you should! Even if you don’t have a meeting or pilates class to do, gather your mates and have a happy hour together all online!

A lot of people are being forced to use Zoom and I just wanted to give a couple of tips on safely hosting a zoom meeting.

  • Always share your meeting ID in an email. Don’t share your meeting id publicly on social media or other social platforms. Anyone with the meeting ID has access and can join the meeting.
  • Always have control of your screen share so only you the host can share your screen. You can find the settings for this in the host control bar – make sure you the settings “who can share” is set to “host only”
  • Only allow people who sign in via the email link – If users try joining your event without signing in to zoom via the link in the email they will get a message saying the meeting is only for authorised attendees.
  • Enable the ‘waiting room’ feature – this is a great virtual holding space which holds the participants until your’re ready to let them in. It’s a great feature to monitor who is attending the meeting.
  • Shut the front door! – yes!!! Lock the meeting. Once you have started the meeting and participants are in, lock the door so no new participants can get in. In the ‘participants’ popup click on ‘lock meeting’
  • Mute – you can mute a participant if they join and they are noisy (I like to mute myself before joining a meeting!) You can select to have participants muted on joining the meeting and unmute them to ask questions.
  • Video – you can turn off a participants video if they are making unwanted gestures or just not being nice!
  • In meeting chat – you can enable or disable this, but it is great to have the participants asking questions
  • Turn off File sharing – you can share files through the chat which is great for easily sharing during the meeting but beware of the gifs and other unwanted content which may distract from the meeting.
  • Enjoy and have fun communicating together online!
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