The Sri Yantra Mandala


The Sri Yantra Mandala


Nine interlocking triangles that extend from the centre or “bind point” make up this symbol. This epicentre is thought to be the intersection of the spiritual and material worlds, or the un-manifest source. Four of the nine triangles point upward and are thought to symbolise Shiva (the masculine), while the five that point downward are thought to symbolise Shakti (or the feminine). The Sri Yantra is seen to be a potent representation of the unification of the masculine and feminine divine as a result of this.

An original piece, created with copic pen and metallic ink, drawn on Canson 220gsm.

This is a high quality original only and you will need to source a frame to suit, either a store bought or at your preferred framing business.

  • Prices are in Australian Dollars
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping

16.5” x 23.4”


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