The Everloving Mandala Print


The Everloving Mandala


“The Everloving Mandala” expresses how we emerge from the the flower of life, loving unconditionally from birth through death and beyond.

This is a LIMITED EDITION PRINT – only 8 copies have been printed


With the use of hemp, combined with fibers of cotton, this paper not only combines natural products, but also from sustainable resources and renewable energy. As a result, you will be able to enjoy this brilliantly white paper made out of 60% hemp fibre and 40% cotton; which has been introduced to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of ageing resistance for your artworks. This acid-free lignin-free paper is in line with our mission.

This is a high quality print only and you will need to source a frame to suit, either a store bought or at your preferred framing business.

  • Each print is signed
  • Prices are in Australian Dollars
  • All prints are made to order, so please allow 4 weeks for printing and shipping

A4 (8.3” x 11.7”)


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