Our Process

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So you’ve filled out the project questionnaire (if not you can find it here) and we’re ready to work together!
Lets meet up and really get to the nitty gritty about your project needs… and why? Yes I’m going to ask a few questions which will dig deep! We will peel back the layers to uncover your unique business needs.


After we’ve nutted out what your requirements are for your project I will put together a proposal defining the best solution for you and your business. When you have agreed to the proposal and we have received 50% deposit, we will email you with what info we need from you so we can get cracking on your project.


Once I have all the info I will prepare a sitemap, which is a visual mock-up of the structure which helps you to see the journey your customers will take when they land on your website. Here is a previous one I’ve done here
When you have approved the sitemap, I will forward you another list of the information needed to start on the next step.


This is were I get to turn your words into a visual expression of your business. I take all your branding and imagery and make a template of the home page which I think is best suited to you.


Let the building begin! - we fill your website with all the content and imagery you've provided us. When we have tested everything to make sure it works we will provide you with a magic link to view your site. Here you can take it for a test drive! You can comment on what changes you need on each page right from your browser. Once we have received approval for this stage, we will send you the final invoice for payment.


When we have received the last payment we will push your website to your preferred host and your new website will be live for the world to see!

Are you ready?

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