How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Brand

Full disclosure: creating a visual brand identity is one of the most important tasks that any new business owner will face.

After all, your visual branding is the first thing that potential customers come across through one of your touchpoints, whether this is a social media ad, your website or other marketing materials.

And colours are a huge part of a brand’s visual identity!

In addition to communicating your brand’s values, they can express your brand’s personality and evoke different emotions.

If you don’t make a wise selection, this can have a detrimental effect on how your brand is perceived.

(I know, not cool.)

Have your brand colours got you in a bit of a conundrum? Not to worry — I’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to choose the right hues to successfully grow your brand.

Decide What Your Brand Stands For

Firstly, if you haven’t already, decide what type of personality you want your brand to have.

Do you want it to be loud and energetic? Trustworthy and friendly? Optimistic and exciting?

Do you want it to be loud and energetic? Trustworthy and friendly? Optimistic and exciting?

Assess the Colour Wheel

Next, check out the colour wheel for inspiration when it comes to what kind of impact you want to make on your consumers.

Did you know that warm hues, like red and yellow, project an outgoing and bold message? And on the other hand, cool hues (like blue and green) are more mellow and reserved?

That said, you could always brighten a cool colour to increase its potency or decrease the tone of a warm colour to reduce its liveliness in line with your brand’s character.

Match Your Brand Personality with Colour Psychology

Finally, use colour psychology to coordinate your brand’s personality with how certain hues are recognised:

  • Red - represents power, passion and energy, encourages appetite and gets pulses racing
  • Orange - represents courage, confidence and friendliness, generates a feeling of warmth and is often associated with autumn
  • Yellow - represents youthfulness, happiness and fun, generates a feeling of warmth and has strong, positive connotations
  • Blue - represents logic, loyalty and trust, has a calming effect and is considered “safe”
  • Green - represents growth, nature and freshness, has a relaxing effect and is very common amongst healthy brands
  • Purple - represents wisdom, spirituality and sophistication, can be used to showcase femininity and is considered the colour of superiority
  • Pink - represents passion, innovation and imagination, inspires comfort and hope and is the main colour associated with femininity
  • White - represents cleanliness, purity and innocence, has a modern feel and is ideal for simplicity
  • Black - represents security, elegance and authority, is well-suited to luxury industries and is considered a powerful hue

Colour Your Way to a Booming Brand

Even though it can be challenging to pick out two or three colours to represent your brand, it’s important to take the time to get it right.

Why? Well, colours are perhaps the most important aspect of your visual brand identity because they leave
a long-lasting impression on your consumer.
They help your brand to stand out amongst others and ultimately establish a connection with potential customers. And do you know what this leads to? A loyal and prosperous relationship. Result!

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