Ready to take the next step?

First let’s go over a few things to see if we are a good fit

Yes, I know what your thinking….boring! But I really want to know! Why are you in business? What are your services or products? Who are your target clients? Where do you see your business in 5 years?
If you’re not 100% clear on your goals, a website will be a waste of time and money!
The clearer you are about your goals the more exciting (and easier) it will be building your business online….and watching it grow!

Building and audience through blogging, podcasting, interviews, presentations, speaking and education is the only way to generate new customers online.
If you don’t already have an audience then let’s build one!

Building a business online is a lot of hard work and it takes time. Passion is the fuel you’ll need to keep going when the shit hits the fan and you’re ready to give up!

It’s really hard to watch our clients crash and burn. So if you don’t have a team already, you’ll need to be prepared to build one.
You have options. You could hire a virtual assistant to help out a few hours a week, or you could bring on one of our virtual content production teams. Either way, you’re going to need help.

You’re going to need to invest some cash $! Yep, it’s that simple! That’s just the way it is. You won’t need to re-mortgage your house but you are going to need to treat this as an investment.

Remember your dedication and passion in conjuction with your team will require a lot of time. If we work together we will require your undivided attention during the project and we will F.I.R.E you the minute we think you’re getting distracted!!!! We only take clients willing to devote the time necessary to see the project through to the end. – If that doesn’t frighten you then we just might be right for each other…

Shall we get started?