Finding it hard to remember all your passwords?

I was just having a phone conversation with a client when they said: “I have no idea what my password for that is”. I hear this often! So I thought I’d put this article together so you can keep up with the fast- moving technology today.


Our lives are mostly online today. We use the internet for banking, work, school, health and keeping up with the Jones’es socially! Every day old services are embracing the online world and for every service, we love or just have to use we need to remember another set of login details – usernames and passwords. Yep, that’s just the way it is!


When I first started out online I thought I had the best solution to remembering my account details. I’d religiously write them down in a little memo book and keep it near my desk. I thought I had a great system going… coming up with new passwords according to the service. Which took some serious discipline of making sure I wrote it down. And then of course if I did forget…. back to “forgot password”, reset, confirm etc…..Not to mention if robbers were to break in and rob my house (touch wood, that never happens) then I’d be stuffed…seriously! They would have access to everything, my life in a memo book.


The best solution I have found is a Password Manager System like 1Password (there are other PWM systems out there just Google it, find one that suits you and your business) I only have to remember one (yes just one) unique master password and it remembers the rest! All login details for all the services I use. The best part is that it generates passwords for me to use when I’m setting up a new set of login details.


Yes, it’s another service to setup but once it’s going, it’s really worth it. Especially if you are looking after your website and you need to make updates. Having a Password Manager is important. A hacked website (or any hacked service you use like facebook) can cost you thousands of dollars…at least!


So here’s what you should do

  1.  Find a Password Manager System which will work for you and do all the things you want it too
  2.  Create unique, complex usernames and passwords for your logins. Use a mix of letters, capitals, numbers and symbols. –  Ideally, your PWM system of choice should generate these crazy, hard to remember passwords for you. If it’s too hard to remember then that’s a really good sign.
  3. Remember that ONE password you need to login to your Password Manager.

Take the bull by the horns and protect your business and accounts online, you will thank yourself for years to come. Especially when that little memo book of passwords has been scribbled on, chewed and pages ripped out.



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