How to drive people to your website


Firstly….Stop wasting time on the Internet!

Yes! It’s great that people are surfing the internet and finding our websites. But as business owners we get a little distracted by searching for the latest things we should be doing to make the best online business it can be.


I’m guilty of these few things regularly…researching which social media platforms are the best, how to build up your email list, what special offers to run, educating myself on new software releases and the list goes on! It’s time to push through the white noise and focus on what YOU can offer.


Ask yourself this question

“What could you create that your number one client would be interested in sharing with their peers?”


Types of content can include a blog post, a free report, a video interview, a podcast or a free e-book just like mine here. The key is to make it as useful as possible to your number one client and make it easy for them to share.

Got something to share?

Well then, let’s post it on your website as a blog post.

Can’t think of anything?hmmm

Think of your ‘blog’ as being the most helpful tool your clients or anyone can go to for resources. You want to educate your tribe. You want them to keep coming back. You never know, they may even sign up for your email newsletter to find out more. Or better still they may purchase your services or buy your products.


Include an image in your post for people to see. Visually appealing things people remember. If you have time you could take a few snaps on your mobile and then upload them or you can use free stock photos, there are heaps out there. This is my favourite


Make sure you make it easy for them to share with there peers by having ‘social media’ share buttons on your blog post. One click and it shares to there preferred social media page.


Now to share it on your social media platforms. I personally use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Come up with a summary paragraph about your blog post and then create the post on social media, make sure you copy the link from your blog post on your website and paste it at the end of your post on social media. This will link anyone who’s looking back to your website.


Remember  you are wanting to driving more and more traffic back to your website which will create new possibilities and new leads for new business. So go forth and get busy creating your awesome content! I can’t wait read them.


PS: If you’re having trouble creating your blog posts on your website just flick me an email so I can help you out.



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