Dedicated Designer

Let me take some of those creative tasks off your to-do list every month

With my Dedicated Designer Packages it’s like having a designer on your team but without the hassle of actually employing a designer.

Even better, the cost to you. By having me on monthly retainer I'm able to offer my services at a reduced cost.

Peace of Mind

having a dedicated designer to complete your creative tasks every month

Discounted Rates

only for monthly retainer clients services are at a reduced cost

Dedicated Designer

on your team but without the hassle of actually employing a designer

Hourly packages monthly






What projects can I get done with my hours

Any design services, social media, brochures, print media, ebooks, email newsletters. Excluding Logo design.

What if I don't use all the hours allocated?

Unfortunately unused hours will not be rolled over to the next month. On the 15th of each month I will send you a report of the work and hours used so far.

How do you know what I need done?

At the beginning of each month we will have a 20 minute discovery call where you tell me your upcoming projects and I will put together a strategy in order of importance and hours needed.

Can I top up my plan with more hours?

Yes! if you need more hours which we will determine at the beginning of the month, they will be charged at the same hourly rate at the retainer.

how do I know how many hours I have left

Easy! you will get access to your very own client portal where your projects will be logged and the hours used.


Each month you will receive an invoice. Payment can be made monthly or we can setup an automatic payment for you via Stripe.

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